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Direct Intervention

Team members work with clinical staff to ensure the highest level of care and services. 

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Case Supervision

Develop, implement and supervise individual behavior therapy programs and interventions in a variety of settings.

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Training and Development

A team of clinical professionals that focus on the training and development of clinical staff. 

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Clinical Leadership

Leadership team focused on the development of our clinical programs and services.

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Occupational and Speech Therapy

Providing direct intervention services and consultation using a multi-disciplinary and  cohesive approach.

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Corporate and Operational Positions

Corporate positions that support the mission of the company.

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At AST, we envision a world where individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities can dream and achieve their full potential.

Are you interested in joining our mission? You’ll learn more, do more and provide support for individuals and families in our community. A career with AST means you will truly make a difference, helping children learn the skills needed to grow and lead independent lives, and offering parents the training and resources essential to success. At AST we’re always working to be better, providing our clients and families with the best possible care.

As committed as we are to our clients, we’re also committed to our team. We want everyone who comes into contact with our company—including our employees—to live a better life. Our clinical model offers better training and support, more development and advancement opportunities, the latest technology, community outreach, and a focus on work/life balance. 

At AST you’ll be surrounded by highly educated, skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our founders serve on the editorial boards of top research journals, and many of our staff members contribute to the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) knowledge base by publishing research and articles related to autism and autism therapies. 

AST has over 600 employees with offices in California, Washington, & Louisiana, and we’re expanding across the nation. Join us, and discover the satisfaction of improving the lives of others—and your own life—with a career at AST.


Our rapid growth created a need for change, so we’ve expanded our clinical model to ensure the highest clinical standards and quality of services with a focus on staff support, training, and team satisfaction.

At AST you’ll learn more, do more, and provide support for individuals and families in our community. Our clinical model offers better training and support, more development and advancement opportunities, the latest technology, community outreach, and a focus on work/life balance.

At AST, continuing education in the field of ABA and other related disorders is our top priority.


At AST, we value pursuing higher education. We have many employees that pursue advanced level degrees to pursue advance career opportunities within the organization. We offer full support to employees looking to obtain their BCBA certification through our partnership with a University online program. We also offer free Supervision hours required for BCBA certification. 

There are also opportunities to participate in employee study groups for BCBA exam preparation.We are actively pursuing partnerships with key Universities across the country to establish work study programs that will allow opportunities for hands on experience in the field of ABA and related practices. Opportunities are available in the areas of Speech and Occupational Therapy in a clinic based setting in addition to opportunities with social skills groups.


Q: What level of education is required to work at AST?

A: We hire staff with HS diploma, AA degrees, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs! Each position at AST requires a different level of education. Please review the job description for the specific requirements for that position.

Q: What type of support do you provide for continuing education?

A: At AST its our people that set us apart, therefore we do everything we can to develop our staff.  In addition to company trainings and professional development, We offer assistance with BCBA certification through a partnership with an   online University and classes are also offered at a discounted rate. We also offer BCBA supervision hours at no cost.

Q: How is the work-life balance at AST?

A: At AST we take work-life balance seriously. Our managers work with each staff member to create a schedule that works for the staff member as well as meet the needs of the company.  We serve families, days, nights and weekends, so we have flexibility in crafting schedules.

Q: What are the job requirements at AST?

A: We seek team members who exhibit a passion for helping children succeed.

Q: Part-time and fulltime employees are eligible for benefits?

A: Yes, we have full time and part time benefits available.

Q: Does AST provide services in multiple settings?

A: Yes,  In-home, clinic, a school setting and in the community.

Q: Does AST offer good advancement opportunities?

A: We promote heavily from within so once you are an employee you will work directly with your supervisor and make sure they understand your goals.

Q: As a Interventionist, How many hours per week can I expect?

A: For staff seeking a full-time employment, we aim to schedule an individual for 35-40 hours per week.  While this is our goal, in certain situations it may take some time to build up a staff members caseload to this level. It also depends on you and your flexibility.  We have a team of dedicated individuals that strive to maximze staff efficiency in order to schedule as many hours as needed.